The facemask recoating and reconditioning solution.

Green Gridiron is the premier facemask reconditioner used by NFL and NCAA teams throughout the country. We have over ten years experience in the football equipment industry, and have re-coated tens of thousands of masks for thousands of programs at all levels of the game. Our reconditioned facemasks are certified to NOCSAE standards and have the same quality, color and durability of a brand new facemask. Check out our list of satisfied customers to see which of your favorite teams use Green Gridiron to keep them looking good week after week and year after year.

Mission Statement our promise to you

  • We will always put safety above all else.
  • We will always choose quality and service over low cost.
  • We will always strive to provide you with the product that best meets your needs and expectations.
  • We will always look to further expand our knowledge of facemasks and football to remain current and continue to serve you better.
  • We will always strive to be as “green” as possible.

Q.Why recoat my facemasks instead of buying them new?

The cost for most new facemasks range from $30 – $50 with titanium models starting over $100. At only $15 per mask, you’ll be saving 50% – 85% verses buying new! Recoating just 50 facemasks saves at least $500 from your equipment budget.

Q: Do color changes cost extra?

No. Since we strip the facemask down to the bare metal, we can easily recoat your facemasks to any of the 35+ standard, 10+ custom and +15 chrome colors we have available.

Q: Are there extra costs for custom colors?

Yes and no. We do not charge set up fees to create a custom color for team orders. We have created many custom colors that are currently being used by other teams that can now be used by anyone. We do charge an extra $5 per facemask to cover the cost of the additional materials in the powder. Just let us know what your uniform colors are and we’ll let you know if we have any custom colors that match.

Q: When should my facemasks NOT be recoated?

Facemasks that are spread, have bends in the metal or have any broken welds should be immediately discarded and cannot be recoated. If we receive any structurally damaged facemasks, we will remove them from your order and contact you to discuss replacement options. While very few of the masks we receive are damaged, we can usually replace them with the exact style and frequently upgrade your mask to a more preferred style at rates significantly less than buying new.

Q: Is the coating on a Green Gridiron facemask just as durable as a brand new facemask?

Xenith, Riddell, Schutt, Rawlings and Green Gridiron all use the exact same thermoplastic powder and buy it from the same manufacturer. Only Green Gridiron employs powder coating artisans that dip 100% of their masks by hand with every mask checked for quality at every stage of the process.

Q: How can I use Green Gridiron to my advantage?

In addition to the savings and recycling benefits of recoating, many programs can now afford to purchase and maintain lighter weight titanium masks. With Green Gridiron, instead of spending $100+ to replace a scarred titanium facemask you can simple recoat it for $15.

Q: Which facemasks can be recoated?

All metal facemasks can be recoated many times over including all styles manufactured by Riddell, Schutt, Xenith, SG Helmets, Rawlings, Adams and All-Star.

Q: Why is carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium the same price for recoating when brand new masks are priced significantly different?

The recoating process we employ does not significantly differentiate between the type of metal so there is no need for higher pricing.

Q: What is the turn-around time for facemask recoating?

From the time we receive your masks until we ship them back to you, it is typically less than 7 business days and often only 2 or 3 days. During our busiest time of the year (Spring & early Summer), orders can be in house as long as 21 business days. All orders received during the football season are treated with the highest priority and are often in house for less than 3 days.

Q: When is the best time of year to send facemasks??

We are the busiest in August as many teams make last minute decisions to recoat their masks. While we do everything in our power to return your masks before you need them, the earlier in the off season you can send them the better. Many teams who have the luxury of having multiple sets of backup masks like to send us small batches (20 – 40) multiple times throughout the season. These teams, mostly NFL and D-I, like to keep their masks on the field looking like new for TV. Whether you prefer to send us all your masks in the off season or smaller orders during the season, we will work around whatever schedule works best for you.