Big Grills - The Truth!

Remember Justin Tuck's awesome facemask?

Big Grill facemasks were first banned in the NFL. Colleges and the NCAA soon followed.

An investigation was conducted by the University of New Hampshire for the National Football League. Their final report was issued in June of 2014. They felt these Big Grill facemasks to be “overbuilt” and should not be recommended for use due to 4 primary concerns.

  1. The added weight negatively affected the structural integrity of the helmet during impact certification tests.
  2. The added weight shifts the head’s center of gravity forward resulting in a tendency to fatigue the neck resulting in a head-down posture during contact and tackling.
  3. Smaller spaces in the mask increase the risk of players’ fingers getting caught and potentially causing a serious hand injury to the opponent and neck injury to the wearer.
  4. The additional material could negatively affect a player’s behavior during contact/tackling due to a false sense of security.

Apparently, one of the ways to determine whether it is a Big Grill is by the number of horizontal bars. 5 or more horizontal bars will put it in the category of a Big Grill and, thus, get it banned. 

Do you agree with this rule?

Would you like to see some of your favorite players wearing some big grills?

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

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