Helmet Review - AJ Brown and OBJ

This week, AJ Brown and OBJ's helmets are put head to head to see who's gear is best. We went with their gear from practice to keep things interesting!

About Brown

AJ Brown has been a Wide Receiver for the Tennessee Titans since 2019. He played for the Ole Miss Rebels in college in 2016.

The gear. The details.

AJ Brown is wearing a Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet with an SF-2EG-SW Facemask. His mask is attached with clear Facemask Hardware for Riddell SpeedFlex. 

During practice, Brown has switched out his visor a few times this year. One of my favorites is the Ice Blue SHOC Zero G Plus Visor. It just looks so good with Tennessee’s uniform colors. It’s complemented with Navy Unbranded Under Armour Visor Clips

He has favored the Riddell Hard Cup Chinstrap in white with black strap locs and cam locs holding it in place. 

For decals, his helmet has front and back Tennessee decal bumpers, a white Warning Label, and a US Flag Decal. Pretty standard stuff for a helmet. 

About OBJ

Odell Beckham Jr. is a Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns. He was drafted into the NFL by the New York Giants in 2014 and moved to the Browns in 2019. His career started at Louisiana State where he played for the LSU Tigers as a Wide Receiver in 2011. 

The gear. The details. 

OBJ has favored the Riddell Speed helmets for most of his career. He was seen in one at LSU, to the Giants, and now with the Browns. This year, his facemask is a CU-S2BD-SW, similar to the S2BD he wore in college. 

He is wearing an Oakley Legacy Visor in PRIZM Jade with no visor tab decals and Unbranded Under Armour Visor Clips. He will not be able to wear this visor once the season starts, so hopefully he doesn’t break uniform rules again!

His chinstrap is a SportStar Victory T-Rex Hurricane Chinstrap with stainless steel chinstrap buckles on the bottom and orange painted steel chinstrap buckles on top. 

The Browns are wearing 3D Bumpers on the front and back of the helmets. The #13 decal is found surrounding the center strip on the back of OBJ’s helmet. Following a standard helmet, he has a Warning Label and US Flag Decal as well.

So, who won your pick? It's a tough call between AJ Brown's iced-out look and OBJ's classic look. Tell us who has your favorite helmet!

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