Helmet Review - Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Mahomes

This time, we’re putting Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Mahomes head to head. Who has the better helmet? We’re going to break down the gear and let you be the judge!

About Ramsey 

Jalen Ramsey is a Cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams. He’s been with the Rams since 2019, but was drafted by the Jaguars in 2016. In 2013, he was a college player for Florida StateJalen is one of many players to change his jersey number this year. He changed from #20 to #5.

The gear. The details. 

Jalen Ramsey is wearing a blue Schutt Air XP Q11. His Super Pro EGOP Facemask matches his helmet shell and is held with clear ¼ turn clips.

For practice, he’s been seen wearing a PRIZM Sapphire Oakley Legacy Visor with that same blue Under Armour Unbranded Visor Clips

He has a white SportStar Victory T-Rex Hurricane Chinstrap, but with a chin sock over it.

His helmet has front and back Rams 3D bumpers. He has a yellow Warning Label, NFL emblem, and US flag decal on the back of his helmet.

About Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is a Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s been a team member of the Chiefs since 2017, when he was drafted to the NFL. He played for the Red Raiders at Texas Tech, starting in 2014.

The gear. The details.

Mahomes is known for wearing his trusty Vicis 01 helmet. It looks like he’s given the 02 a try a time or two at the beginning of this season, but he’s stuck with the 01. He’s been seen in the Vicis 01 the most this season, so we’re going to break it down.

The shell of this helmet is a scarlet red color with a white SO-212-LP mask. 

He still doesn’t wear a visor, but he did upgrade his chinstrap to a SportStar Victory T-Rex Hurricane Chinstrap, attached with stainless steel buckles. There are #15 decals on both bottom straps. The top straps are cut to the pointed arrowhead shape, similar to their logo.

Moving to the back, from left to right, his helmet has a US flag decal, a black warning label, and the NFL emblem.

And that's that! Do you prefer the Schutt lid or the Vicis helmet? Who has the better gear?

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