Helmet Review - JJ Watt and Von Miller

Welcome back to our segment on breaking down the current headwear of NFL players. This week, we're covering JJ Watt and Von Miller.

If you want to see us go into more detail about these players, watch the video below! You'll learn what they wore in college and get to hear my ratings on the helmets.  

About Watt

Justin James (J.J.) Watt is a Defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. He made the decision to move from the Houston Texans, the team he was drafted into in 2011, to the Cardinals this year. His decision to move to Arizona was made naturally. Watt already had several connections to the team, meeting Quarterback Kyler Murray as a high school senior, being previous Texans teammates with Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and previously working with defensive coach Vance Joseph. 

He signed a $28 million, two-year contract with the Cardinals. Watt started his college career as a Tight End for Central Michigan in 2007, and completed it as a Defensive End with the Wisconsin Badgers in 2009. JJ Watt was questioned how much longer he has it in him to play, a football player in his 30s with 10 NFL seasons under his belt. When questioned how much longer he can keep going, he answered the question confidently with, “A whole lot”.

The gear. The details.

JJ Watt is currently wearing a Riddell Speed Helmet with a light grey S2BDC-HS4-1P Facemask. The mask is attached to the helmet with clear Facemask Hardware. There is a modification on his shell to accommodate the Denver Front Padding, seen by a small inflation point in the front center of his helmet.

During practice and for promotional photos, Watt has worn an Oakley Legacy Visor in PRIZM Torch with grey visor tab decals and grey, unbranded Oakley Visor Clips.


On his chin, Watt wears a white, unbranded Riddell Legacy Hard Cup Chinstrap. It is held on the helmet with stainless steel chinstrap buckles. 

The helmet is detailed with white-colored bladder valve screws. His helmet has front and back Cardinals decal bumpers and a red number 99 on the back of his head. Standard with every player’s helmet, Watt has a Warning Label in black.

About Miller

Von Miller is a Linebacker for the Denver Broncos. He was first drafted into the NFL by the Broncos in 2011. He played for Texas A&M Aggies from 2007-2010. 

The gear. The details.

Von Miller is in a Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond this year. As usual, he’s wearing a custom Facemask: the CU-SF-2EG-III-HP-3.0. Von Miller’s masks are good-looking and best-selling. He wore the 2.0 version when he was named Super Bowl MVP in 2016. 

The mask is held with clear Facemask Clips. Miller has a Riddell Hard Cup Cam Loc Chinstrap. The Cam Loc and Strap Loc are black. 

His helmet features Denver Broncos Front and Back 3D Bumpers. His number 58 is placed on the right side of the center stripe and on the left side is a white warning label with a US flag decal above it. 

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