Helmet Review - Justin Fields and Sterling Shepard

This is the breakdown of Justin Fields and Sterling Shepard's helmets. Who are you rooting for?

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About Fields

Justin Fields is a Quarterback for the Chicago Bears and was drafted this year. He was originally with the Ohio State Buckeyes in 2019. Fields played a single season with UGA in 2018 before his transfer to Ohio State and became their standing quarterback. We’ve seen Fields really step it up and work on his game, improving his throws and showing great promise when put up against the Miami Dolphins defense. We’re expecting a great performance for the Bears from Fields this season!


The gear. The details

Justin Fields wears a Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet with the most popular Facemask: a black SF-2BD-SW. The facemask is held with clear Facemask Clips for SpeedFlex.

Following NFL uniform rules, he’s wearing an Oakley Pro Visor in PRIZM Clear with black, unbranded Under Armour Visor Clips.

His chinstrap is a white Riddell Unbranded Hard Cup Cam Loc Chinstrap with a black Cam Loc and Strap Loc.

The front and rear bumpers on his helmet are Chicago Bears Decal Bumpers. His helmet also includes a white Warning Label


About Shepard

Sterling Shepard is a Wide Receiver for the New York Giants. He was drafted by the Giants in 2016 and has stayed with the team. In college, he played for the Oklahoma Sooners. Shepard recently changed his number from #87 to #3, the number both he and his father, Derrick Sherpard wore during their time at the University of Oklahoma.

Derrick Shepard was an at-risk player with an enlarged heart, but he was a dedicated athlete. He died of a heart attack at age 35. 

The gear. The details. 

Sterling Shepard wears a New York Giants blue Schutt F7 Helmet. His Facemask is an F7-EGOP-NB-VC in grey, held together with clear Facemask Clips.

He’s wearing a PRIZM Clear Oakley Legacy Visor with grey visor tabs. The visor is attached with grey, unbranded Oakley Visor Clips.

Shepard has been seen wearing a white, unbranded Chin Cup Sock over his SportStar Victory T-Rex Hurricane Chinstrap, which is attached with stainless steel chinstrap buckles.

He has a #3 decal, found on the front and back of his helmet on the red, center stripe. His helmet also has a US Flag Decal and a white Warning Label. He has New York Giants 3D Bumper on the front of his helmet while the back bumper is white. 

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