Helmet Review - Matthew Stafford and Lamar Jackson

About Stafford.

Matthew Stafford is a Quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. He made his move to the Rams this year but started in the NFL with the Detroit Lions in 2009. He was a Georgia Bulldog in college back in 2006. 

The gear. The details. 

Matthew Stafford wears a Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet with buckles for his Riddell Hard Cup Chinstrap instead of a Cam Loc and Strap Loc. The bottom is converted to buckles using the SportStar Chinstrap Adapters, painted blue to match the helmet. 

His facemask is an interesting-looking one. This year, he has been seen wearing a CU-SF-2BD-UGA Facemask in the same blue as the Rams helmet. It is attached with clear Facemask Clips for SpeedFlex.

The Rams are wearing front and back 3D Bumpers and US Flag Decals. This is a good-looking helmet.

About Jackson.

Lamar Jackson is a Quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted by the Ravens in 2018, but started out in college as a different bird: he was a Louisville Cardinal back in 2015. 

The gear. The details. 

Lamar Jackson wears a gloss black Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet with a black SF-2EG-SW Facemask. The Ravens helmet looks good during practice with a PRIZM Jade Oakley Pro Visor and black Oakley Visor Clips. Jackson has switched to a PRIZM Clear for game use.

There are a few items that aren’t matching in black. Jackson is wearing a white SportStar Victory T-Rex Hurricane Chinstrap. It’s a great chinstrap to stand out. It’s attached to the helmet with black cam locs on bottom and stainless steel buckles on top.

Jackson has a 3D Bumper on front and a decal bumper on the back of his helmet. The number 8 is also found on the back with a yellow Warning Label beside it. 

And those are the helmets! I think Stafford’s facemask gives him the win! 

Steve Adams

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