Kayvon Thibodeaux's Accurate Split Build

Recently, we made a 50/50 Oregon Ducks/New York Giants build.

This build was based on Kayvon Thibodeaux. We tried to make this the most accurate split build in our portfolio. In order to do so, we put in the research and completely customized this build. 

The base of this project is a New York Giants Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet. We disassembled the full helmet like in this video and took it to our favorite, master painter to get the shell and several components custom-painted. Half of the shell, the SF-2EG-TX Facemask, the SportStar Chinstrap cup, Cam-Loc Housing, Strap-Locs, and Bladder Valve Screws were all painted. The chinstrap was custom-made with black straps on one side and We even swapped out the SpeedFlex Rear Bumper with a black one! If you’re interested in this build, shop the pieces here and watch the video below!

The cherry on top to make this a true Thibodeaux build is the number 5. This is a very meaningful number to Thibodeaux and it has been scattered everywhere in his journey. He has a tattoo with 5 tally marks to represent the 5 friends he is going to become successful with. He was the 5th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Thibodeaux wore #5 with the Ducks. To get #5 with the Giants, Thibodeaux reached out and paid Graham Gano for the number on May 5th. More 5’s. 

The number 5 was symbolic to both Gano and Thibodeaux. Gano said, "The opportunity to give to something is exciting, and the number is obviously very special to Kayvon. While it is special to me as well, there's a whole lot of meaning in that No. 5 to him. I just wanted to be a good teammate and also be able to support others throughout the whole process." The number came at a price, however. Thibodeaux donated $50K to Puppies Behind Bars, a charity of Gano’s choice, in exchange for #5. Gano will go back to #9. This number still holds meaning to him as he and his wife wore the number early in their athletic careers. 

“… the number don’t make the player, the player make the number.”

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Content Marketing Developer for Green Gridiron. She has a BS in Media and Communications. Amanda is skilled with writing for multiple media platforms, photography, and editing. She enjoys anything creative that she can get her hands on.

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