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Green Gridiron is the place for all helmet lovers, players and collectors to get helmets. We make it easy to customize a field-use or collectible helmet by making it easy to find upgrades for your helmet right after you add to cart. We also make things breezy by offering free assembly with every helmet order. Just put all of your components in your cart with your new helmet and check “Yes! Assemble my helmet for me” 

Our team at GG has seen and assembled so many amazing helmet builds. It’s fun for us to see the creativity in these orders. Sometimes, we show off those builds on our Instagram. Check out this build from Black Friday! 



We frequently get requests to recreate a specific player’s build: Sean Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Eli Manning, and more. We’ve broken down the gear on player’s heads on our YouTube channel.  If you want to check out those videos, you can find the playlist here.  

Recently, our teammate Preston built two helmets based on Matthew Stafford’s college and pro looks.



Matt Stafford’s custom Speedflex facemask- Dope or Nope? 🤔 Lmk in the comments! @greengridiron ##football ##footballhelmets ##rams ##battlecustoms

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If you’re wondering what Stafford wore this year with the LA Rams, check out the blog post here. He wears a signature facemask that we haven’t seen any other players wear. It’s the CU-SF-2BD-UGA Facemask. He wore this mask in college during his time with the Georgia Bulldogs and has continued to stick with this look in the pros. 

We currently have both the Georgia Bulldogs and Los Angeles Rams Matt Stafford Helmets available for sale. 

Get the Georgia Bulldogs Helmet here

Get the Los Angeles Rams Helmet here

Do you want us to make more player-based Green Gridiron Editions? What players do you want to see? Leave a comment and let us know!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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