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Clemson Tigers Helmet

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Riddell Speed Authentic
Riddell Speed Replica
Riddell Speed Mini
Schutt XP Authentic
Schutt XP Replica
Schutt XP Mini
Schutt XP Desk

These Clemson Tigers Helmets are made for the true Clemson fan!


  • Riddell Speed Authentic - Most popular helmet of NFL and NCAA players over the last decade. The Speed Authentic helmet is a large size shell and is equipped with internal pads, S2BD-SW-SP facemask, and 4-pt chinstrap.
  • Riddell Speed Replica - All Riddell Replica helmets are equipped with an internal plastic plate (no pads), the same S2BD-SW-SP facemask, and 4-pt chinstrap.
  • Riddell VSR4 Authentic - The VSR4 helmet optimizes the classic football helmet design. Equipped with a Z2B facemask and 2-pt chinstrap
  • Riddell Speed Mini - The Speed Mini is 1/2 scale replica of the full-size Riddell Speed. It includes interior padding, S2BD-SW-SP facemask, and a 4-pt chinstrap. Approximately 5" tall and ideal for autographs!
  • Schutt XP Authentic - One of the most popular and recognizable helmets used at all levels of play, the Schutt XP Authentic is the exact helmet worn on the field. The helmet is a large size with a no-wear bar and is equipped with internal pads, a ROPO facemask, and a 4-pt chinstrap. 
  • Schutt XP Replica - All Schutt Replica helmets are equipped with an internal plastic place (no pads), the same ROPO facemask, and a 4-pt chinstrap.
  • Schutt XP Mini Helmet - Mini helmets are finely crafted Miniatures of actual game helmets. They feature a real wire faceguard and a complete interior pad set. Mini helmets are the genuine on-field helmet, scaled down to a quarter of the size, perfect for signatures!
  • Schutt XP Desk Caddie - Schutt desk caddies are the same size as their authentic mini helmet with areas to hold business cards, pens, highlighters, and other desktop items. It includes a ROPO facemask and 4-pt chinstrap.
  • All NCAA licensed Riddell and Schutt helmets use team colors and decals.


  • Any facemask, visor, or chinstrap purchased at the same time as a helmet will be installed at no extra charge.
  • All helmets sold by Green Gridiron receive a free chrome US Flag helmet decal for the back of your helmet.


  • Note: Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time on items that are on backorder. 

    Collectible Helmets are for display only and are not designed or intended for use as a protective helmet.

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