Oakley Edge Visor for Vicis Zero2 - PRIZM GREY $127.194,00

Oakley Edge Visor for Vicis Zero2 - PRIZM GREY
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Oakley Edge Visor for Vicis Zero2 - PRIZM GREY

The Oakley Edge Shield for the Vicis Zero2 Helmet.

These visors provide a seamless fit on Vicis Zero2 Helmets. They come with Vicis branded Oakley visor clips in black. The Oakley Edge Shield Visors use the same PRIZM lens technology to enhance a player's visual experience. They also feature High Definition Optics for the clearest and most accurate field of view. The Oakley Edge Shield has anti-fog technology and provides impact protection to players wearing the Vicis Zero2 Helmet.

  • COMPATABILITY: Vicis Zero2
  • FEATURES: UV and impact protection, anti-fog technology, high definition optics, PRIZM lens technology
  • COLORS: Clear, PRIZM Clear, PRIZM Gridiron, and more coming soon!
  • INCLUDED*: Visor, Visor Bag, Visor Clips

*Hassle-Free packaging

Green Gridiron Exclusive:  FREE Chrome American Flag Decal with every purchase!

CHOOSE WISELY: A $10 restocking fee will be charged for any returned visors that can be resold. If the item is damaged and unsellable, we will not be able to issue a refund. Check with your coach and league before purchasing a tinted visor!

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