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At Green Gridiron, sharing the love of football to people everywhere is a big part of what we do. We create and curate our catalog to meet the needs of every football fanatic out there. One of those fanatics may be someone you know. Whether it be your football-loving dad, grandparent, friend, or recent graduate, we have something for everyone. With Father’s Day coming up, and Graduations left and right, you may find yourself looking for the perfect, well-deserved gift to give to that special football fan in your life. Look no further, because we’ve got you covered with these Gifts for $50!

Mini Helmets

For a good reason, Mini Helmets are one of the best gifts we offer under $50. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are fully functional mini versions of your typical collectible helmet. These mini’s can be customized with both visor and facemask upgrades, and we even offer Mini Helmet Hangers to display your trophy gear! Mini helmets are an easy and affordable way to join the helmet collector club. They make great decor for man caves, desktops, or wherever your heart desires.

Ceramic Helmet Planters

Another fan-favorite are these Mini Ceramic Helmet Planters, where a football helmet meets a green-thumb. These mini planters make a great gift for someone who loves football, but keeps it low-key. Perfect for planting seedlings and succulents, thi planter can even be used as a pencil caddy.

Helmet Hangers

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s already an avid helmet collector, Helmet Hangers are the answer.

Helmet Hangers are the best way to display collectible helmets on the wall, they’re easy to install and can easily elevate anyone’s helmet collection display. We offer both regular and Mini Helmet hangers, because every helmet is worth showing off. Gifting one of these is a sure way to make any helmet collector grin from ear to ear.

GG Merch

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s already a Green Gridiron fan, our GG Merch is a great way to go. From T-shirts to 3D bumpers, we have plenty to choose from, and all at an affordable price.

One of our favorites is the GG Workstation Mat. Made of natural rubber with a soft surface, this workstation is meant to protect helmet shells while building helmets, making this mat a great workspace gift for the helmet-builder in your life.

Nike Footballs

What football fan doesn’t love tossing around a football and running a few plays in the backyard on Sundays? Footballs make a great gift for athletes and fans alike. We offer the Nike Tournament Football, as well as the Nike All-Field 4.0 Football, both ringing up under $50.

Helmet Accessories

Saving the best for last, Helmet Accessories are the gift that’ll make a helmet-builder’s year. If you know someone who loves football helmets as much as us, they’ll tell you the feeling of upgrading a build is unmatched. We offer helmet Visors, Chinstraps, Decals, and more, all at a price that won’t break the bank.
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