We Made a Custom Jeep Football Helmet

At Green Gridiron, no challenge goes unattempted. Kristen wanted to merge her two favorite things together: Football helmets and Jeep Wranglers. After Kristen told us her idea, we knew that we HAD to bring her vision to life.

The inspiration for this helmet was Kristen’s own Jeep Wrangler, Snazzy Beast. We focused on the details for this build by including components like a custom sublimated visor, hand-crafted facemask, and even the trademark spare tire you see sitting on the back of a Jeep.

If you want to see this build come to life, watch the video below! 

Ready To Go

We knew from the start that this build had lots of potential. This helmet was unlike anything we’ve ever done, so we were quick to start planning. Kristen wanted this build to be a helmet look-alike to her Jeep, and we did everything we could to make that happen. We took inspiration from her car’s front grill, color, and name. We brought her vision to life on a Schutt F7 Helmet.

100% Unique

Kristen’s build features a plethora of custom parts. The custom Jeep grill facemask being possibly the best feature. This facemask was custom made to look exactly like the grill you see on any Jeep, making this helmet easy to stand out.

We didn’t stop there, however. Many Jeep enthusiasts are familiar with the “Jeep wave”, a hand motion that Jeep drivers will often do while passing each other. We were able to replicate it into a sublimated visor design, making it look like someone is waving from inside the helmet! 

You might have thought this build couldn’t get any more unique, but we chose a custom paint job for this Schutt F7 Helmet, a perfect color match to Kristen’s Jeep. This paint job on the shell came out beautifully as an anodized, “Snazzberry” maroon color.

Coincidentally, the official color name of Kristen’s Jeep is actually Snazzberry, which is how she came up with the name “Snazzy Beast '' for her beast of a Jeep. Here at Green Gridiron, no detail is too small, so we made sure to add custom Snazzy Beast bumpers and official Jeep decals to add some authenticity to this build.

Many Jeep owners also are familiar with “Ducking”, the act of placing a rubber duck on someone’s Jeep. To mimic this gesture, we had to throw some rubber duck award decals on the rear of this build to bring the look together.

Finishing Touches

With so many great elements already brought in to create this build, we had to go out with a bang. Final details from Kristen’s Jeep included were the trademark spare tire, which is a small scale replica of the exact tires on her Jeep, placed on the back of this build. Lastly, we opted to add a fully operable mini light bar above the GG 3D Bumper for the authentic Jeep look.

Isabella Morabito

Isabella Morabito

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