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Certified Facemask Recoating

Facemask looking beat up from last season? Want to get your old helmet out of storage and into Display Case condition? Whatever the reason, certified recoating will make your facemask look brand new again, for much less the costs of buying new.

Founded in 2010, Green Gridiron is the premier Facemask Reconditioner trusted by top-level programs for anything facemaks related. Teams in the NFL, CFL, XFL, NCAA, Semi-Pro, High School and Youth Organizations choose us to keep their facemasks looking new, or to change up their color at an affordable price. Our recoated facemasks are certified to NOCSAE standards and have the same quality, color, and durability of a brand new facemask.

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Our Process

  • Original Mask

    Every facemask is inspected at multiple points throughout the reconditioning process to ensure they are free from weld breaks, dents, bends or spreads. Only facemasks that are structurally sound are recoated

  • Stripped Mask

    The old facemask coating is stripped down to the bare metal before our artisans painstakingly hand-dip your masks to your desired color.

  • Recoated Mask

    All facemasks are returned meeting NOCSAE standards and have the same color, durability, and thickness as a brand new facemask.

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  • Please fill out this form and include with your facemask(s).
  • Ship them to: 1200 Donaldson Rd, Greenville, SC 29605.
  • We will email you an invoice when your order is received.
  • We'll ship back your freshly recoated facemask(s) as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 weeks of receiving your order.

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Pricing Cost per facemask

Individual 1-24 Facemasks Teams 25+ Facemasks
Standard Colors $25 $15
Metallic Colors $30 $20
Custom Colors* $40 - $135 $30 - $125

*Set up fees apply. Contact us for details or volume pricing questions.

35 Standard Colors, and counting

We offer the same Thermoplastic Powder Coating used by Riddell, Schutt, Xenith, SG Helmets, Rawlings, and All-Star on their new facemasks. Looking for a custom color or chrome finish? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to create the perfect look!

  • Maroon
  • Columbia Blue
  • NY Jets Green
  • Arizona Gold
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Tan
  • Burnt Orange
  • Cardinal
  • Royal Blue Schutt
  • Dark Green
  • UCLA Gold
  • Dark Grey
  • Canyon Tan
  • Tampa Bay Orange
  • San Fran Red
  • Royal Blue Riddell / Seattle Blue
  • Teal / Dark Aqua
  • White
  • Light Grey
  • Vikings Purple
  • Green Bay Gold
  • Wisconsin Red
  • Montreal / Colt Blue
  • Light Aqua
  • Seahawks Green
  • Metallic Silver
  • Purple
  • Cleveland Brown
  • Scarlet / Bright Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Carolina Blue
  • Kelly Green
  • Grey / Gold Color Shift
  • Black
  • Wyoming Brown
  • Furman Purple

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large variation of monitors, video cards, operating systems, and internet browsers and the effects each has on each other, the colors on may not exactly match the materials. Please contact us if you are not 100% sure which color you need.

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