Riddell SpeedFlex Hard Cup Cam-Loc Chinstrap - Purple


The Riddell SpeedFlex Hard Cup Chinstraps are specifically designed for the SpeedFlex helmet. This newly designed chinstrap, comes with a polycarbonate shell plus extra venting points, extra comfort, and extra style while utilizing the Cam-Loc system. The cam-loc quickly locks the helmet on to the players head to ensure a tight, proper fit every time the helmet is worn.

  • Chinstrap Type: Hard Cup
  • Materials:
    • Chinstrap
    • 2 Cam-Loc Systems
    • Polycarbonate Shell
    • WARNING!!!: Chinstraps DO NOT come with thumbscrews. Use the thumbscrew that came with your helmet. 
    • Cam-Loc straps DO NOT fit the Ratchet System! 
    • Ratchet straps DO NOT fit the Cam-Loc System!
    • $5 restocking fee for all returned chinstraps shipped as ordered.