This New York Jets Helmet is a one-off, discounted item  with slight imperfections. 


  • Missing internal padding
  • Rough / not smooth paint finish

      Scratch & Dent products are items that arrived with one or more damages and/or defects that prevent it from passing a quality inspection. These products feature problem areas that prevent them from being sold at full retail value. Discounts are determined based on each individual product quality inspection. All problems are disclosed clearly in the assessment portion of the description as well as seen clearly in product photos.

      Scratch & Dent items are great for players or collectors that don’t mind a little bit of character or are looking to save some money. These helmets and components may not be suitable for field-use play (certification and condition are disclosed) but could be great for a collectible, display helmet or for a DIY project! A Scratch & Dent helmet could be a great base for your next refurbishing piece.


    • Any and all damages or defects are listed in the description and photographed
    • Discounts cannot be negotiated
    • Product is sold AS-IS
    • All sales are FINAL