The GG Workstation $20.517,00

The GG Workstation
The GG Workstation
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The GG Workstation
The GG Workstation

The GG Workstation is the perfect workspace for a helmet-building fanatic! This mat is great to work on to protect your shell while you customize away. The GG Workstation is a padded, rectangular mat made of natural rubber. It's soft enough to protect your helmet from being damaged by a hard tabletop. 

Don't upgrade helmets? This piece makes a great desk mat for your mouse and keyboard! 

Product Details

  • Lime Green Logo on Black Mat
  • Design includes GG Logo and WWW.GREENGRIDIRON.COM text
  • Lime Green Stitched Border
  • Dimensions: 23.5"x12"

All Green Gridiron Workstation Mats purchases receive a FREE Chrome US Flag Helmet Decal for the back of your helmet. 

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