2022 NFL Alternates

Last summer, the NFL announced the one-helmet rule was being dropped. NFL teams are allowed to wear a second helmet during the season. Fans have always loved seeing teams with alternate looks and they are finally coming back! Read about when this rule was put into effect and what that break means for teams here

The 2022 season is about to start up and 13 teams have unveiled their alternate looks! From the popular blackout style to classics making a comeback, others are completely reimagining their looks There are some great helmets! Let’s take a look at the new helmets to make their way on the field this year:

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have released a blackout helmet unlike any other. This shell has a red flake and a gloss finish that catches the light against the dark shell. The chrome logo pops and completes the whole helmet. 



Atlanta Falcons

The red helmet has been revived! The first helmet worn by the Atlanta Falcons was a bright red shell with a graphic, black and white logo. This 60s look hasn’t made an appearance on the field since 2012. It’s great to see them have a comeback in 2022. 



Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers made the right choice for their alternate. The Panthers are a team that screams for a black helmet! The silhouette of the panther on a black helmet looks so cool and fits the dark side theme they’re portraying in their design release. 



Chicago Bears

Dark tones aren’t always the way to go! The Chicago Bears have gone for a color-forward look, using an orange shell as the base for their alternate helmet. The Bears’ full uniform is orange for a look that is going to stand out on the field. 



Cincinnati Bengals

This design probably has the highest demand from fans. The Cincinnati Bengals have gone for a white tiger aesthetic that is so easy to love. This alternate looks clean while still conveying the Bengal spirit.



Dallas Cowboys

It’s not a surprise that the Dallas Cowboys have stuck to tradition by bringing back an old favorite. The Cowboys’ helmets have changed from silver to white with navy accents on this retro look. 



Houston Texans

Like the Bears, the Houston Texans have opted for a battle-red helmet. The scarlet doesn’t stop on the shell. In the photo below, the work was put into the details, with matching painted Bladder Valve Screws and Strap-Locs.



New England Patriots

Pat is making a comeback! The New England Patriots brought back the beloved Pat Patriot mascot on their helmets. The red, white, and blue helmets give such a classic, American look, perfect for the Patriots!

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints were the first in the league to announce a new concept. The team came up with a full redesign. With a fleur-de-lis-covered center stripe and a black shell, the Saints have never looked this good! We were so excited with the release of the first NFL alternate that we have a full article about it! Click here to read it.

New York Giants​​

The New York Giants have brought back a favorite from the 80s. This helmet screams timeless. The entire uniform has a rich color scheme that should have come back sooner. We’re excited to see it in action again this year. 


New York Jets


The New York Jets brought out the best of their deep green color by accenting it on a matte black helmet! This build isn’t fully blacked out. The Jets have opted for dark green chrome facemasks to match their logo for a deep and dimensional look. 

Philadelphia Eagles

When teams had a chance to wear alternates again, everyone wanted the kelly green Philadelphia Eagles helmet to return. Sadly, fans will have to wait for next year because the blackout style is making its debut this year. The gloss black finish looks great with the modern Eagles wings. This trend looks good on every team!

Washington Commanders 

Washington has recently gone through a rebrand to become the Washington Commanders, so there were no old designs to revive for a throwback. The Commanders’ alternate helmet changes things up with placement. The W logo stands front and center on the helmet, a captivating choice for the team!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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