2021 Heads Up Show Highlights

It’s been a big year for GG! On YouTube, we’ve been working on reimagining the helmet-building format and improving our content to keep things interesting and entertaining. Green Gridiron has been growing on the channel as well as the website. We’re proud of our work and we’re excited to see what’s in store for the channel next year. Let’s look back on some of the best and newest content on the channel.

The Stats

In 2021, our YouTube channel gained 33K subscribers to make a total of 148K subscribers. We’re so close to our next milestone at 150K! Our channel gained 4.9 million views and 220,000 hours of watch time. On The Heads Up Show, we started 2021 with Helmet Build for Under $150. From there, we published over 80 new videos. We’re in the works of developing and perfecting new formats on YouTube.

The People

Our team is solid. Green Gridiron now has 14 full-time employees. We’re stacked with the best staff members we’ve ever had. This year, we introduced Preston, Travis, and Amanda to the channel. We’ve wanted to introduce you to the members who make GG run because not only do we have an amazing staff, but they really love what they do. 

We recently interviewed Travis, who has a strong love for USC and has been working on his helmet collection for years. You can find him on Instagram @cocklylids.  Check out his video below.

Tried and True Content

Our channel is all about football helmets and what goes into them. We feature the newest products for the head and show off limited series collectibles. We’re always looking for ways to change things up on the channel as we grow. We’re the pros at helmet building. Jay and Steve have upgraded so many helmets. There are endless design possibilities and they love to experiment and explore them. 

The YouTube Experience 

The YouTube Experience is a new series that premiered in October. The YouTube Experience is a series all about you! Come to our studio in Greenville, South Carolina, and build your next custom helmet. Your episode goes your way, Steve is only here to introduce you to the viewers of the channel and assist when you need it. You can watch through the playlist here. Sign up for the YouTube Experience here.

Photo Submissions

The We Want to See Your Helmet series has been our most popular by far. All you have to do to be on the show is email photos of your helmet to pics@greengridiron.com or send them to us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok. We get tons of submissions a day and we try to feature everyone, so be patient! There are over 80 episodes of Helmet Photo Submissions, we released about 20 this year. Watch through the playlist here or find your helmet on our Pinterest board here

Thank you to everyone who tunes in every weekend to watch our videos. We’re grateful for each and every person that enjoys our content and follows us online. We have lots planned for 2022, so keep an eye out for new and improved content. 

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

Chief Content Officer at Green Gridiron, Inc. Experienced Head of Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the sporting goods industry. Skilled as a Media Producer, Adobe Creative Suite, Canon Cameras, Adobe Photoshop, and Social Media Marketing. Strong marketing professional.

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