A Custom Helmet Without the Design Process

What’s a Green Gridiron Edition Helmet? 

Our helmet building ninjas have been playing around with helmets in their free time and they’ve been making some good stuff. We’re showing them off on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. These helmets aren’t just built for clout, however. These are exclusive, one-off designs that are available to buy! 


How do I find them on the website?

If you want to browse through the collection, check them out here or look for “Green Gridiron Edition” in the listing title. You can also search for a Green Gridiron Edition by team and use the filter “Green Gridiron Edition” under the "Series" tab. 

What do I get with these helmets?

These helmets come upgraded with all sorts of high-end accessories. They elevate the look of the helmet from out-of-the-box to extraordinary. Each one is a one-off design, so once a helmet is sold, it’s gone for good. If you want to know what the build is made of, check out the itemized list in the description for each helmet listing. The image gallery also shows detailed shots of the upgrades for every build so you get a good idea of what you’re purchasing, down to every updated buckle and clip.

What’s so special about these builds?
These helmets are made by our pros. These guys have a trained eye to make beautiful helmet masterpieces. Steve features his ideas on YouTube and builds them before your eyes. These Green Gridiron Edition helmets could be on the Heads Up Show, our TikTok, or our Instagram. Keep an eye out for these beauties online or find them on our website!

You may remember Travis from one of our recent videos. He’s been in the helmet building business for a long time and has specialized in the South Carolina Gamecocks. He’s expanded his helmet-building expertise to every college and pro team! You can trust him to make a sexy helmet, even if it isn’t garnet and black. You can find him on Instagram @cockylids He’s been promoting these Green Gridiron Edition builds on his page, like the one below that sold in seconds! 



Preston is another helmet building master in our crew. He’s covered every fan base you can think of and always knows a new way to remaster a classic helmet into a statement. You can find him on Instagram or TikTok @battle.customs and see his work for yourself! Preston also promotes his Green Gridiron Edition creations on his page, so keep an eye out for a helmet you love! 

If you want a custom helmet like these, but you don’t want to design it yourself, trust our experts to make something awesome for you! We’ve established a large collection of our designs already, with over 50 helmets to choose from. 

Each helmet is a one-of-a-kind piece, with only one available to buy. If we haven’t gotten to your team or you want a different look, don’t worry, we’re gonna keep ‘em coming!


Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Marketing Manager for Green Gridiron. She leads the marketing team with her experience and education in communications and media. She enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on.

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