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Keeping you updated

You’ve probably seen a few new updates to our website. We refreshed our look for something simple and clean. We’ve also added a few new pages with direct links to what you want. One of those is a section called Scratch & Dent. Check out the page here. Scratch and Dent items are great for players looking to save some money, collectors who don’t mind a little bit of character, or DIYers looking to refurbish gear. 

How does an item make its way to Scratch and Dent?

We are picky about what we send out, so if something does not pass a quality inspection, it moves to the Scratch and Dent page. These items cannot pass as brand-new; they can come with one or more damages, defects, or imperfections, or they may be discontinued products. Items are discounted on an individual basis, so the worse the damage, the lower the price. The assessment portion of the description will describe the exact damages or reasons why this item qualifies as a Scratch and Dent item and the photos will clearly point out any problem areas.

What can I find in the Scratch and Dent section?

Any item on our website can make an appearance in this category: field-use helmets, collectibles, visors, chinstraps, and more. Keep an eye out for the products you want at a discount. This page gets updated frequently.

We often have field-use helmets in this section. Helmets may be damaged, be missing padding or hardware, or have an older certification and may not last a full 10 years. Collectibles can make their way to Scratch and Dents too. Sometimes, decals are applied poorly, so they bubble, lift, or are applied at the wrong angle. 

Just to let you know

Be sure to carefully read the description and evaluate the listing images before you buy! All Scratch and Dent sales are final. These products are non-returnable and we do not offer refunds for these items. 

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Marketing Manager for Green Gridiron. She leads the marketing team with her experience and education in communications and media. She enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on.

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