The NFL Breaks the One-Helmet Rule

What’s the one-helmet rule?

The NFL has always established strict rules on the league. The one-helmet rule was set in 2013, requiring players to wear the same helmet for practice and play. This rule was created, concerning the endangerment of players suffering from concussions and other play-related injuries. Switching helmets during the season could cause a compromise in safety for players. Sticking to one helmet allowed there to be room to focus on the safety and quality of field-use helmets. 

This rule has never been a popular one, it prevents fans from seeing cool, alternate and throwback designs in action. If you saw your favorite team sport an alternate design lately, the original helmet went through a process: stripping it of its decals, facemask, and any other accessories to create an alternate design on the original shell.

All in favor

In 2017, interest in changing the one-helmet rule arose by the Philadelphia Eagles. They wanted teams to be allowed an alternate helmet. The league put the proposal to silence. 

The topic hasn’t stayed off the radar, though. Derrick Henry, Titans RB showed his favor for the revival of throwback helmets on Twitter, “... but can we bring the throwback jerseys & helmets back” 

The matter was also brought up by Bucs Coach Bruce Arians. Arians mentioned the return of Bucco Bruce throwbacks in 2021 on The Dan Patrick Show. The change was officially announced on Twitter by ProFootballTalk.


What does this mean for NFL teams?

So it looks like we should have new looks coming! Teams can wear alternate color helmets for the first time in years. Plans are being made and each team has until the end of July to notify the league of plans to wear an alternate helmet. 

Players are now allowed to add an additional helmet to their uniform. The second helmet, however, must be the same model as their primary helmet. For example, if a Seahawks player wears a Navy XL Riddell SpeedFlex, their silver alternate helmet also has to be an XL Riddell SpeedFlex. Players must wear the secondary helmet for practice before it makes an appearance on game day to ensure safety. 

Let's look back at some throwbacks!

We all love the old designs- Pat Patriot, Bucco Bruce, Houston Oilers. The alternate color helmets are great too. Check out this red Atlanta Falcons helmet

To prepare for the arrival of throwback designs on the field, pick up your favorite team’s throwback helmet! We have tons of NFL Throwback Collectibles here!

Are you looking forward to the 2022 season? It looks like the future of the NFL is changing for the better! Watch us talk about the rule change below!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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