We Are Green Gridiron

A little bit about us.

We are in the business of football gear supply. We carry everything that your helmet needs. From facemasks to visors, even down to small details like decals and clips, we supply to various clients. We love helping parents keep their children safe as well as working alongside the big teams. We service the NFL, CFL, and NCAA. We offer more than gear for field use, however, we also sell collectibles from all 32 NFL teams and several NCAA football teams. Our products cater to both players and collectors. We love football and connecting to football fans. Explore our website to find your favorite helmets and accessories.

What’s the point of Green Gridiron?

We have a lot of fun doing custom helmet builds and collaborations, but it’s time to get down to business. Our social media shows a little bit of heaven- swimming in decked-out helmets, showing off team spirit, talking with big-name teams; we are living the life because of your support. We love seeing fan submissions and designs, and being able to answer questions. Our goal is to educate people on the small components of their helmets so they can see the big picture come together to make one, perfect headpiece; we are here to assemble your helmet masterpiece, free of charge. 

What else do you guys do?

We have an online presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest. We also have a YouTube channel where we get to gawk at the newest and the greatest of football gear. We use social media as a way to allow us to feel less corporate and more like a fellow enthusiast. Tag us in your photos on Instagram to get our attention. Give us a follow on your favorite sites to get excited about players, see some creative custom helmets, catch our latest product releases, and connect with us!

What’s up with The Heads Up Show? 

Our YouTube channel is a platform used to show off the fun of our jobs and inspire you to create your own, awesome helmet. We love showing off well-designed helmets that were created by our customers, and showing off the new designs entering the field for major teams. We may have our own personal favorites, but The Heads Up Show features all teams. There are many opportunities to get excited; we do builds of your favorite NFL and NCAA teams, you can submit your helmet photos to be featured on the show (email to pics@greengridiron.com), and you could even win free helmets!

Our business model. 

We want to encourage you to go all out and dive into team loyalty. Our website provides must-have collectibles you’ll want to get your hands on as well as customizable gear for you to wear while playing your own sport. There is plenty to choose from to support your fit and style. We are trusted and certified to offer the best services and quality products. We offer free assembly with the order of your personally selected helmet, finished off with the GG seal of approval.
Jay Elmore

Jay Elmore

Jay is Founder & CEO of Green Gridiron and Clemson University alum. In addition to football, Jay is a big fan of traveling, volleyball, and Star Wars.

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