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We are expanding our catalog of headgear to include protection for players in contact and non-contact sports like flag, 7v7, and non-tackle. We met with Syzmik at the AFCA Convention and believe in what they’re doing. If you’re interested in learning about who we met at the convention, you can read all about it here


Syzmik hosts the X Series Headgear range of protective soft shell helmets and headbands. They put in the work and the research to create a product with 5-star protection and good looks. Currently, 3 of their products sit in the top 6 of Virginia Tech’s Flag Football Headgear 2023 Ratings. Their products are durable because they are made from molded Xf1 Performance Foam, a material specifically designed by Syzmik for protection, ventilation, and sanitation.


What is a soft shell helmet?

Soft shell helmets are lightweight helmets that reduce the impact force from contact during play. Soft shell headgear is great protection for players during practice and during non-tackle games. They are not recommended for use in tackle football games but can be used for several other sports. Many leagues are now requiring the use of soft shell headgear. 


What does Syzmik offer?

Symik has the X7 Soft Shell Football Headgear and the X7c Non-Tackle Football Headband.


The Soft Shell and Headband are made of Xf1 Performance Foam. The material allows these products to be lightweight. The shell weighs 8 ounces, and the headband weighs around 3.4 ounces. This material does not absorb moisture from sweat or wet weather conditions. The X7 and X7c contain antimicrobial materials, making them a more sanitary headgear piece that doesn’t absorb sweat and grime or allow bacteria to grow.  The headgear is easy to clean using mild detergent and water. 

If you're interested in seeing the helmet in action and learning what we think, check out the video below to learn more about the X7!

The helmet 

The X7 Soft Shell Headgear is the first of its kind to feature a custom-fit, interchangeable padding system. 2 sets of internal padding are included in the purchase of a soft shell helmet. They come in different sizes, which allows players to configure a perfect fit. This helmet passes the mirror test and gets athletes excited about using the X7. 

The X7 Headgear gives players a full field of view during use. There are no visual limitations while wearing the helmet when it is correctly fitted on the head. Sound is not blocked by the shell when worn. Ear vents allow athletes to hear clearly. The soft shell offers excellent ventilation to prevent athletes from overheating. Air flow is very important when a soft shell helmet is in use, so about 20% of the X7 shell is dedicated to ventilation. These features allow athletes to look good and perform their best in the Syzmik X7 Soft Shell Helmet. 

The headband 

The X7c Headband has a multi-layered system, built for comfort and security. This headband sits securely around the head and reduces linear and rotational impact forces that occur during play. The padded areas of the headband are 9 mm thick and made of solid padding. The inside of the headband contains anti-slip stripes to keep perfect positioning while in use. The inner comfort liner is sweat-wicking and breathable. The headband comes in 5 different sizes to ensure a good fit. The X7c Headband gives players the power of choice on how they want to wear their hair, the intensity of play, and the competitive situation.

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Amanda Phillips

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