Breakdown: UGA Speed Upgrade

If you build it, they will come.

This UGA authentic speed was cool but we decided to take it to the next level. Read on to see what was changed.

Before: This collectible UGA Riddell Speed Authentic comes standard with a white 4 point chinstrap, a white S2BD-SW-SP facemask, and of course, no visor.

Can you see where this is going? 

First, the decals. In life, balance is key but for this build, the Green Gridiron team decided throwing them all on one side was the way to go. In addition to the dog bones, emboss tech flag, and built by GG decals, the standard warning label was replaced with a black one. Fire is in the details folks.

Finally, to finish off this side, you'll notice a 3D rear bumper just like you'd see on the field between the hedges. Take note- while Green Gridiron supplies these bumpers to the teams, they aren't typically available for purchase so this addition makes this build even more unique.


Now on to the heavy hitters - goodbye white and bright, hello darkness. The S2BD-SW-SP facemask was replaced with a black S2EG-SW-SP and Schutt all-black facemask clips and the white soft cup chinstrap was removed to make room for an all-black unbranded Schutt hard cup

A couple of details before the grand finale. If you've ever watched Green Gridiron's Heads up Show on YouTube, you'll know that Jay's favorite product is the Douglas EZ Pro buckle system, so in being true to the GG spirit, those were added as well as SportsStar chinstrap buckles and, of course, the 3D front bumper. 

Ok, let's finish strong by adding a Green Gridiron exclusive visor and all-black unbranded clips. This visor is an Under Armour chrome red (don't worry, the decals were removed because everybody knows that UGA is a Nike school) and you can only find it on Few things change the look of a helmet like a visor can. 

Are you a fan of these changes?

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Bri Plyler

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