Facemask Hardware Makes a Difference

Details mean everything

We can't stress enough how much detail goes into custom helmets. There are several overlooked details that help achieve a coordinated and finished-off look. Using Riddell Colored Facemask Clips is one of the most subtle, but effective items to switch out when upgrading a football helmet.


Here are your options

At the moment, we offer a small handful of color options for facemask clips. These are the most commonly seen main colors for football helmets. Black, White, and Silver are the basics, they can pair with almost any design. We also have Green Bay Gold Colored Facemask Clips for SpeedFlex. These colors are standard and match the official NFL color palette.

How to know what to buy

If you're upgrading your clear, standard facemask clips to a colored set, you need to consider the helmet type that you're working with. If your Riddell helmet style is the Speed, you need need the Speed facemask clips. If your Riddell helmet style is the SpeedFlex, you will need the SpeedFlex facemask clips. It's as easy as that!


The Riddell Speed facemask clips are easy to install using the screws and t-nuts that came with your helmet. The hardware is made to fit those exact screws, so make sure you're holding onto them when you remove the standard set. The Riddell SpeedFlex helmets attach the facemask with Quick Release Pins. Using the Quick Release Tool, you can easily remove and reinstall the facemask hardware to the helmet. When replacing the SpeedFlex facemask clips, it's important to remember that the set of clips includes 2 sizes. The larger-sized clips should be installed on the top section of the helmet and the smaller ones should be installed on the bottom area. 

Check it out

If you want to get your hands on these clips, we have them available in our store!

Get the Riddell Speed Colored Facemask Clips

Get the Riddell SpeedFlex Colored Facemask Clips

What do you think of these clips? We've used them in tons of concept builds and we love them!

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Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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