Why Are Football Helmets So Expensive?

What goes into a helmet 

Being in the football helmet industry, we are often asked, “Why are helmets so expensive?” There are several components that go into a football helmet: the shell, interior padding, facemask, chinstrap, all the little hardware, and more. Field-use helmets come in a variety of price points, depending on your build. A full build can cost as little as $200 or can be up to $1,000. The more custom you make it, the more expensive it gets.



Should you invest?

A football helmet can last for years. You can use your helmet for a decade if it’s well cared for and reconditioned. A youth helmet has you covered until the age of 14. After that, it’s on to adult helmets. If you break the price down over 10 years, it amounts to around $25-50 a year.   

Consider what you’re spending your money on and how that compares to a piece of safety equipment. When choosing a field-use helmet, you have to consider if you want to buy something safe and protective, or splurge on some nice Jordans. You only live once, so we recommend choosing to protect your brain. 

Inspections for perfection 

Equipment manufacturers put a lot of research and development into reducing risk of severe injury and increasing the safety of the player in a helmet. Every component of a helmet is inspected and tested yearly to learn how to improve their function. 

Upgrading and saving

In our opinion, a good football helmet is worth the money. Making it your own by selecting from various styles and colors can make the expense worth it. There are hundreds of possible combinations when building and upgrading your helmet. Learn from the best of the best about how Jay upgrades helmets. Read the article here. Upgrading your helmet can make you look great and ensure you’re protected. 

If you’re looking to save money on a helmet, we have an entire section of our site full of discounted items. Our products go through a quality inspection upon arrival to deem if they are in the best condition. Items that do not meet those standards may have minor damage or defects and are sold in our scratch and dent section for a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for a field-use scratch and dent helmet, read the description to make sure the helmet is certified and that you are aware of the damages present on the helmet. Start shopping for scratch and dent helmets here

Watch the video below to hear from Steve about why football helmets are so expensive!

Gage Hopkins

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