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Oakley Anti Fog and Cleaning Solution

The Oakley AFR Anti-Fog & Cleaning Solution spray was originally designed to reduce fogging on hockey visors but works just as well on football visors! Most visor and lens cleaners remove anti-fog properties as they are designed to clean only. The Oakley AFR cleans and rejuvenates all visors while enhancing the anti-fog coatings.

  • Size: 2 ounce spray bottle
  • Brand: Oakley
  • Quantity: 1 bottle
  • Use: Can be used on all brands of visors

DIRECTIONS: Spray a light mist on the surface of the shield. Immediately wipe with a clean, dry, and lint-free soft or microfiber cloth. Note: No anti-fog can eliminate 100% of fogging in extreme cold and/or humid conditions. Frequently wiping visors without anti-fog spray (i.e., during game/practice) will remove reduce anti-fog effectiveness gradually. Can be applied regularly to the inside and outside of visor to keep clean for maximum visibility. 

WARNING: Note intended for human consumption. Keep spray clear from eyes and never apply while wearing visor. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if itching persists.