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Football Helmet Pump Needle
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Football Helmet Pump Needle

The Football Helmet Pump Needle is a shorter replacement needle specifically designed to inflate air football helmet bladders. The 3/4" needles can be screwed into any standard ball pump.

Usage Recommendations:

  • Apply Glycerin Gel before inserting Schutt Pump Needle into the helmet port, see Glycerin Gel on our website! (Do not use petroleum-based products).
  • Do not wet the needle with your mouth. This will damage rubber inflator port over time.
  • Do not force the needle into the helmet port to avoid damaging your helmet or the pads.
  • The 3/4" needle will work for all helmets, pads, and is a quick-solution for all inflatable sports equipment. (Footballs, basketballs, etc.)
  • Pump not included. 

WARNING: Never use standard ball needles to inflate football helmet bladders. The standard 1" needle length can easily puncture the bladders causing them to be completely ineffective as well as voiding the helmets warranty. It is highly recommended to use Glycerin Gel on needles to avoid possible damage to the bladder. Also recommended whenever inflating any balls. Not using glycerin when inflating shortens the life of inflator ports and causes accelerated air leaking.  

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