Learn How We Upgrade Helmets

We're not satisfied with helmets straight out of the box. You don't have to be either.

Get creative and customize your collectible or field use helmet with us. We're the pros. We know the best ways to take your helmet to the next level. 

Let's start from the top

When we create a custom helmet, we like to identify the main colors, secondary colors, and any accent colors that are already present on the helmet. Using a color wheel (shown below) is helpful for identifying complementary colors. 

For certain team helmets, we look at their traditional design choices and decide what removable items we can swap out in order to create a new fashion from the same palette. This could include swapping a silver facemask for a black one, as seen on this Las Vegas Raiders custom SpeedFlex...

...or matching a red chinstrap and red facemask to a red-colored helmet like I did on my Kansas City Chiefs SpeedFlex. Click on the photos to watch us build!

Let’s identify a few features we can focus our new design on:

  • Color palette
  • Hardware
  • Accessories
  • Your inspiration

If you are customizing a field-use helmet, talk with your coach about the guidelines that you need to follow to stay in uniform. Breaking those rules can result in the removal of a player from the game.

A rainbow of options

We offer tons of options to upgrade your helmet with on our website. There are an unlimited amount of ways to customize a helmet. Many of our parts and accessories come in an array of colors, perfect for allowing you the freedom to create a helmet in your style.

Let's start bold. A yellowed-out helmet can carry a strong look. This Green Bay Gold SF-2BD facemask matches the yellow LSU SpeedFlex helmet shell perfectly. 

A black helmet with gold accents can look fierce.

There are so many design possibilities. The choice is yours. 

A perfect fit for a perfect finish

One of our favorite ways to take a helmet to the next level is with a visor. The Oakley Pro Visor has been perfected to give your SpeedFlex helmet the best fit. 

Helmets do not come with visors or visor clips, but these pieces do the work in bringing your look together. Adding a visor and clips to your helmet makes it look so good. 

Remember, when you're making the decision to upgrade a helmet, your helmet is at the most bare and basic when it's straight out of the box. No decorative decals, no hard cup chinstraps, no visors. Also to note, field-use helmets do not include facemasks. This gives you the chance to select the best facemask for your needs, whether that's based on your uniform colors or your position on the field.

Collectible helmets come with a standard facemask, usually S2BD-SW-SP or similar. They can be easily changed out and assembled by our helmet ninjas for no additional cost. 

Look good for cheap

Even the smallest of details can improve the look of your helmet. Try changing out a basic, soft cup chinstrap for a hard cup. The look of a hard cup chinstrap (like this Schutt Elite) improves the overall appearance of the helmet and the new color provides a fresh look to the eye. It’s a very effective change for around $30.

Another cheap option to improve your look is to add new decals. This detail only costs a few dollars and can personalize your helmet even more. You may want to use a colored Warning Label Decal and a Chrome US Flag Decal like this white and blue Schutt helmet.

While we’re at it, let’s show off some GG pride with front and back Green Gridiron 3D Bumpers. 3D bumpers look professional and really help finish off a gorgeous helmet for display.

Bringing it all together

Now you know what you can change out to create a custom design for your helmet: facemasks, visors, chinstraps, decals, and more. Anything removable is up for grabs. When you order your upgrades and your helmet together, we'll assemble it for you at no charge.

What is your favorite way to upgrade a helmet? Share your opinions with us in the comments. 

Steve Adams

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