New Visors Big and Small

What we offer

We’ve supplied players and builders with visors for years. We have a wide variety of options from SHOC’s vibrant array of choices to high-end brands like Oakley. We have wanted to bring our own visor to the market for years, but it had to be perfect. We wanted a visor that had a true, universal fit. That means no gaps, no converters, and no struggle to install. 


Green Gridiron now supplies unbranded visors! These visors look good and are affordable. Starting at just $25, get a visor to fit your Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet or your Schutt F7 VTD Helmet. These visors fit perfectly on both helmet models! If you bundle an unbranded visor with your helmet build, the cost of the visor is cut in half. They also come Find the collection of our new unbranded visors here

About the fit

We have attempted to fit these visors on tons of different helmet and facemask combinations. The installation process is incredibly easy and the visor is very durable. It’s safe to say that these visors fit great! These visors currently come in 7 different colors and come with black unbranded visor clips. They look great on both field-use and collectible helmets. If you are playing football, stick to the Clear Unbranded Visor to stay in uniform and follow HS/NCAA rules.

That’s not all

Our hard work didn’t only result in 7 visors. We know the demand and we listened! For the first time in Green Gridiron history, we have mini visors! 

These visors work great for both Riddell Speed Mini Helmets and Schutt XP Mini Helmets. The mini visors are currently available in 10 colors. Find the collection here. They attach with mini visor clips that hold onto the top facemask bar and screw in. Mini visors are made of a harder plastic compared to full-sized visors. When installing, be careful about bending mini visors in too much. They are at risk of cracking and breaking when too much force is applied. 

All helmets, big and small, can be upgraded with an unbranded visor. They work for full-sized collectibles, mini helmets, and any kind of field-use helmets! Try a universal-fit visor in an array of colors without breaking the bank.

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Marketing Manager for Green Gridiron. She leads the marketing team with her experience and education in communications and media. She enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on.

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