Riddell's Newest Helmet

A new helmet has arrived 

The Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet has been a best-seller ever since its release in 2014. This helmet was the most highly anticipated helmet due to its revolutionary design. The front, U-shaped flexible panel changed the game by reducing the impact to a player’s head. 

Riddell has been working on rewriting history by improving on this classic helmet. The Riddell Axiom Helmet is the newest helmet on the market. It was built to combat severe head injuries and prevent concussions. There are several flex panels on the shell that works with an internal lining to protect a player from impact.  

How do you fit for the Axiom? 

The Axiom has also improved in creating an accurate fit, each helmet custom fitting for each player. Similar to the Precision Fit SpeedFlex, the Axiom is custom-built for each player. No more inflating and deflating internal padding to give a snug fit. The fit-to-scan technology is so easy, anyone can do it. Ask for help from your coach, your equipment manager, or another player to scan your head on the app to get fitted for the Axiom helmet.  

What happened to the facemask?

You might’ve noticed that the top bar of the facemask is gone on the Axiom. It was taken away for good reason. The removal of the top of the facemask allows more flexing from the flex panels, which absorbs more energy and improves impact response. 

Losing the top bar of the facemask is also going to significantly improve player’s field of vision. Without a top bar blocking your view, this helmet allows for the most open view a helmet can offer. 

Another nice feature of these new masks is that all stainless steel and titanium Axiom masks are investment cast. No weld points! Cast masks are solid, with more protection, no breakage. Riddell has never used an investment cast, but it makes perfect sense with a built-in facemask. 


The features you love

It’s shocking to see the helmet formula be rewritten. It can be hard to adjust to such big changes in the newest piece of football equipment. Luckily, the Axiom has the same strap-loc and cam-loc systems that are seen on the SpeedFlex.

This helmet can also accommodate an optically-correct visor. The helmet comes with a clear visor that provides full coverage as well as a clear field view. The visors are installed to the helmet during production but are easy to remove. 

It appears that the Riddell Axiom Helmet will be priced at around $750. This price includes all hardware and the factory-installed visor. If you want to learn more about the Riddell Axiom Helmet, check out the video below!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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