Super Bowl LV

Sunday, the 7th was the Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game greatly shattered Chiefs fans and exceeded expectations for proud Buccs fans. Tampa Bay claimed victory with a 31-9 score, leaving Kansas City in the dust. 

The best play in the game was the first touchdown of the night, completed by Tom Brady and Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski. Brady and Gronk have become a passing duo, completing 13 touchdowns in the playoffs. This move became the first first-quarter touchdown pass by Brady. 

The game

The biggest duel of the game was between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Thanks to the help of Buccs running backs Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette, Brady defeated Mahomes and left his team with zero chances of catching up. The Buccaneers aggressively manipulated the Chiefs’ composition, taking all control and forcing them into their worst offensive performance. Mahomes was constantly put under pressure, having to concentrate on an escape route instead of putting his focus into the game. While working with his team, Brady and the Buccs dominated the field and forced the Chiefs into a tough position. The focus of the Buccs was utilizing their best tool: quarterback Tom Brady and enforcing his security on the field.

Brady and the Buccs

Brady is now even closer to a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and to achieving the title of the GOAT. To his fans, this game proved his skill and earned respect. Brady gave an effortless performance, completing almost all passes in the game as well as three touchdowns. This game became Brady’s seventh Super Bowl win and Tampa Bay’s second. Together, they secured their title as 2021 champions of the National Football League. The Buccaneers became the first team to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium, the Raymond James Stadium. 

Grab a helmet

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Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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