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It’s here!
We finally got one! The Riddell Axiom Helmet is the newest and greatest in football helmet technology. This helmet became available to teams in the Fall of 2022. It has been hard to get our hands on one, but the day finally arrived and we are here to give a complete breakdown of the Riddell Axiom Helmet. If you haven’t already, read about the features of the Axiom, as shared by Riddell in this blog post here

If you don’t want to keep reading, watch our video of the Axiom vs SpeedFlex breakdown. 

Axiom features 

The Axiom Helmet has improved upon so many details found on the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet. The iconic flex panel on the SpeedFlex has multiplied and can be found all over the outer shell. Those flex panels are for shock absorption and work with the internal performance liner to protect players from impact.

The Axiom’s internal padding is custom-made to fit each individual player. No more inflation to adjust sizing, just scan your head using the Verifyt scanning app and get padding with a variety of thicknesses, shapes, and contours that are personalized to each player’s head. There are faux valve caps found on the shell that are used to hold the internal padding in place, just like SpeedFlex. 

Let’s talk hardware and accessories 

Facemasks compatible with the Axiom helmet are the first of their kind by Riddell to be made using investment casting. Facemasks are available in steel or titanium and are made of one solid piece of metal. Facemasks are held in place by wedging the attachment section between the padding and shell and using quick-release pins to secure the mask in place. The quick-release pins have been updated for much easier installation and compact design. 

The visor on the Riddell Axiom is factory-installed and built into the helmet. It can be removed but the absence leaves a large opening between the shell and the facemask. It is a great piece, not only for protection but for optics. There are no other compatible visors for the Riddell Axiom as of right now, but it is bound to happen in the future. 

One thing that remained tried and true is the chinstrap. The Riddell Axiom uses the same cam-loc chinstrap system as the Riddell SpeedFlex. The cam-loc mechanism and opening on the helmet are completely identical to the SpeedFlex, so you can continue to use your favorite Cam-Loc Chinstrap and Adapters. The Riddell Quick Release Tool definitely comes in handy with the Axiom helmet and chinstrap! The strap-locs have been updated and are thinner and stronger, while still giving that classic look. 

Here is a digestible comparison of the Riddell Axiom Helmet vs the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet to help you make a decision on what to get:  

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Amanda Phillips

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