Essentials for Helmet Building

If you’ve been a longtime supporter of Green Gridiron, you’ve watched Steve and I design and build hundreds of helmets by now. On our YouTube channel, we like to show how easy it is to make a helmet look its best because straight out of the box isn’t good enough for us. We love to come up with new ideas for professional teams to try and we love to bring concepts to life. We also enjoy seeing custom-made helmets by the audience. Share yours with us by emailing photos to 

If you’re new to the art of helmet building, however, follow my lead. Viewers have called me “the Bob Ross of helmets”. Maybe it’s the sound of my voice, my mastery of the craft, or the satisfying ASMR sounds of helmet building- It’s safe to say it’s definitely not the hair. 

Being in this business for a long time, I know what tools are needed for completing a helmet build. Your helmet building toolset should include:

  • A Power Drill
  • A Heat Gun
  • Citrus Spray
  • A Microfiber Cloth
  • The Riddell Quick Release Tool
  • Oakley Cleaning Solution

These are the basics you need to change out a helmet’s facemask, decals, hardware, and other accessories. They’ll make your life easier and make you feel capable of upgrading any helmet. 

We have a kit that’s perfect for helmet builders. You can save money and get the materials you need to start building helmets yourself. Our kit includes several must-haves to use for constructing a great helmet. You will be equipped with the nuts and screws, the workspace, and the essentials for helmet maintenance. 

Upgrading a helmet can get expensive. There are several, small details that can each make a significant difference in the look and function of a custom helmet. For a wearable helmet, you can convert the ratchet system on a Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet to a buckle attachment for easier removal. One of my favorite pieces of all time is the Douglas EZ Pro Buckles. They are so simple but so secure. They never cease to amaze me. 

When you convert a SpeedFlex from a ratchet strap attachment to a buckle attachment, these babies are so easy to pair with the SportStar Chinstrap Adapter for an extra-secure fit that won’t come apart. 

This adapter is so easy to assemble and tighten with our holy grail multitool: the Riddell Quick Release Tool. This nifty tool also helps with attaching your facemask to the helmet by using the small points to push the quick release hardware in. 

There are so many possibilities to upgrade your collectible or field-use helmet. Think about what features are important to you and get your hands on whatever you need for the build on our site. We are happy to advise you on compatibility, color matching, and more. Talk to your coach about uniform guidelines when buying pieces for a field-use helmet. 

Now that I’ve passed down my knowledge and recommendations, you can feel prepared to start designing helmets yourself! Shop our store to find the right components for a luxurious looking and feeling helmet. Watch The Heads Up Show on YouTube to get inspiration for your next build. Cheers!
Jay Elmore

Jay Elmore

Jay is Founder & CEO of Green Gridiron and Clemson University alum. In addition to football, Jay is a big fan of traveling, volleyball, and Star Wars.

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