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One of our best-selling items is the Football Helmet Hanger. This handy little thing is a great addition to a man cave, garage, or office to display your favorite collectibles. The helmet hanger attaches to the wall and can hold any size or style football helmet. It’s a great piece for players to put their gear on display when they’re not wearing their helmets on the field. The helmet hanger can be used for more than just football helmets. If you’re a motorcycle rider, a baseball player, a hockey player, or any kind of helmet wearer, this helmet hanger can work for your helmet. Look at how Tammy customized her Florida Gators motorcycle helmet!

The football helmet hanger is customizable. This metal hanger can be powder coated in any of over 30 colors. This coating has the same quality as the coating found on a helmet’s facemask; it is a solid, durable coating. Each helmet hanger is finished off with a Green Gridiron seal.

How to Install

The Helmet Hanger comes with drywall anchors and screws to provide a secure attachment to the wall. All you need to install your helmet hanger is a screwdriver or power drill. Hold the hanger up to the area you want to install and mark the holes with a pencil. Then remove the hanger from the wall and drywall anchors. Screw the drywall anchors into the wall where your pencil marks are. Next, align the drywall screws with the anchors and partially drill the screws in. You want the screws to stick out with enough room to hang the Helmet Hanger on them. Align the Helmet Hanger holes with the screws at the largest part of the hole. Press the hanger against the wall and pull down so the screws are tightly holding on to the hanger. 

Watch our video on how to install a helmet hanger below!

How we hang

You can hang any type of helmet on our hanger! Even Replicas can balance nicely on the flat base of the hanger.

We have a helmet hall of fame, full of our favorites. Check out the feature on Tik Tok!

In our studio, we have even more helmets, displayed with our hangers. We always have a full wall of helmets in the background of our videos, all displayed with a hanger. 

We also have a feature wall of all NFL Throwbacks!


Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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