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We have been working closely with the folks at the Jacksonville Jaguars doing what we do best: making custom helmets! We have helped the team with 2 big projects that have become the highlights of our helmet-building portfolio.

About the PREP project

We made 4 custom Riddell SpeedFlex Helmets for Jax’s PREP program. This organization works with Duval County’s young athletes to make them great athletes. Players learn how to tackle, be efficient quarterbacks, and take care of their bodies. There is more to football than the game. Taking care of yourself by eating right and exercising goes a long way in becoming a better athlete. 

Helmet details

Let’s get into the details of how we made the 4 Jaguars PREP helmets. We took 4 Riddell SpeedFlex Helmets and customized each one to be unique. Shells, hardware, and clips were painted in Jaguars fashion to fit the team color scheme. We created custom decals featuring the PREP logo shield, “Dream Big” catchphrase, and “DUUUUUVAL” for the sides. In tribute to their sponsor, Dream Finders Homes, each helmet wore award DH decals. Each helmet wore a different design to show off our helmet-building skills.

Watch the helmets come to life and learn about the Jaguars PREP Foundation in this video!

We don’t slap a decal on the sides and call it a day! We put a lot of care into our custom helmets. Each helmet was painted and thoughtfully made. The work was put into the details of these builds by painting the Bladder Valve Screws and the Strap-Locs in white and gold to coordinate with the builds. Each helmet varied in accessories and decal combinations to give a unique look.

About the Legends project

When the Jaguars reached out to collaborate again, we were thrilled! The Legends are made of former Jaguars players that are integrated into various community outreach programs. You may have even watched some of these legends back in the day! These Legends include the likes of Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, Tony Boselli, and many others. We had the honor of building a custom helmet for this group!

For this build, we started out with a Matte Black Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet and added several upgrades, including a teal center stripe, custom side decals, painted hardware, and a powder-coated face mask. Watch us build the Jaguars Legends helmet below!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Marketing Manager for Green Gridiron. She leads the marketing team with her experience and education in communications and media. She enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on.

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