The Best Visor for Zuti

Zuti is a Detroit-based company that specializes in SpeedFlex Facemasks (except for the Crusader EG Facemask for Schutt F7) These facemasks feature custom designs unlike anything else available on the market. They are investment cast stainless steel that makes for strong pieces of equipment with no weld points, so there’s no possibility of breakage. 

Adding a Visor

If you have a Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet with a compatible Zuti Facemask, your options for visors are limited. There are a few visors that are made to fit the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet: the Oakley Pro Visor and the SHOC Zero G Plus Visor. These visors work well with any SpeedFlex Facemask. Zuti SpeedFlex Facemasks, however, are guaranteed to fit SHOC Zero G Plus Visors only. 

When coming up with a new design, Zuti tests visor compatibility using a SHOC Zero G Plus Visor. If the SHOC Visor can be installed and fits with the helmet, Zuti passes the new facemask design as a SpeedFlex visor-compatible facemask. 

Difference Between SHOC and Oakley

The SHOC Zero G Plus Visor has some features that are different from the Oakley Pro Visor. The SHOC Visor includes an indented visor installation area with elongated visor clip holes. There is also a slight difference in curvature. The Oakley Pro Visor has a more dramatic curve for a more seamless fit on a SpeedFlex Helmet. 

When installed on a Zuti Facemask, Oakley’s curved shape may prevent it from sitting nicely. The location and size of the visor clip holes also impact the ability to use the visor on a Zuti Facemask. Some designs, such as the Phenom EG Facemask, have bars that block the visor from being installed. The SHOC Zero G Plus Visor can be installed on the Phenom in a way never seen before!


Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

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