The Top 5 Products of 2021

Green Gridiron is THE place for all things custom and upgraded helmets. We sell every little piece that goes on a helmet- from the facemask down to the tiniest screw. We’ve helped thousands of people upgrade their field-use and collectible helmets this year, so we expanded our inventory! These are the top 5 best-selling products of 2021.

1. Football Helmet Hanger

The football helmet hanger is a creation of our own. We wanted a way to display all of our helmets and give them a “floating head” appearance. Steve drew up the plans and worked with a local metal company to come up with the sleek design we have today. 

These are a favorite of teams ranging from high school to NFL in locker rooms and in display cases. Helmet hangers are available in all 35 standard colors and are coated in a colored thermoplastic powder coat. You have the option to coordinate the helmet hanger with your display piece or let it blend in with your walls! 

Check them out here!

2. Douglas EZ Pro Chinstrap Buckles

These babies are a personal favorite of the helmet building master: Jay. It can be difficult to snap chinstrap buckles in place. Some snaps are also known to come undone during game time. The Douglas buckles have a release button to easily snap and unsnap the buckles. It is such a simple change to normal chinstrap buckles, but it makes all the difference in making sure your chinstrap stays attached. The EZ Pros look just like regular chinstrap buckles, but they are durable and provide added security. 

Check them out here!

3. Warning Labels

All field-use helmets require a warning label somewhere on the shell in order to disclaim the potential risk of injury to players and avoid liability. If you’re stuck with wearing one, you might as well make it look good. We offer colored warning labels that are the exact same size and thickness as official warning labels used by NFL and NCAA players. You can replace the standard warning label and match the colors of your team uniform. Trust us, these really finish off a good-looking helmet!

Check them out here!

4. Vicis Zero2 Field-Use Helmets

The release of the Vicis Zero2 helmets has been the talk of the year. These helmets have been long-anticipated after their preview in 2019. There are so many new features on the Zero2 helmet that will make us rethink field-use design in the future. Not only is this helmet sleek, but it’s also functionable. The Zero2 has interchangeable notch-fit padding that allows for custom sizing, a section for the chinstrap to fit flush to the shell, and ventilation holes for breathability. 

The Vicis Zero2 is the first helmet of the new Vicis collection- Youth, Matrix, and Trench models are coming soon! Pre order the Zero2 here!


5. NFL Throwback Collectibles 

The NFL recently changed their one-helmet rule. (read about it here or watch it here

The revival of throwback helmets is coming in the 2022 season! Riddell released a collection of the NFL Authentic and Replica collectibles available in several throwback designs. Snag your favorites from teams such as the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, and Detroit Lions. Check out the collection here!

These helmets are great to work with and upgrade. Click on each image to check our most recent throwback concepts!


Jay Elmore

Jay Elmore

Jay is Founder & CEO of Green Gridiron and Clemson University alum. In addition to football, Jay is a big fan of traveling, volleyball, and Star Wars.

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