Visor Rules. Visors Rule!

In the game of football, there has been a constant debate in the validity of visors and their legality during play. Can I wear my visor on the field? Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. Watch the video below to hear from Steve!

Benefits of wearing a visor

There are so many benefits to wearing visors on the field. Safety comes first. Visors can offer various forms of protection for your eyes by preventing rouge hands from harming the face. Visors also work to block any dirt, grass, or sweat from another player. Many modern visors also offer some form of UV protection like sunglasses. 

Oakley Visors have a special PRIZM lens technology that enhances a player’s vision by optimizing colors on the field. This makes a football contrast and stand out against the green grass. 

Visors also function in style. They are available in a ton of different styles and colors. There is a visor fit for every helmet out there. Our Unbranded Visors fit practically any helmet with any facemask! There are visors made specifically for certain helmet models. The Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet has 2 visors to choose from to provide a perfect fit: The Oakley Pro Visor and the SHOC Zero G Plus Visor

When there are pros, there are cons

Visors are the eye protection of football gear. They are usually made of a durable plastic, but they can still get scratched and dirty, just like any pair of glasses. The Oakley Anti Fog and Cleaning Solution will keep your visor looking clean and clear. Your visor will not last a full season if you play rough. We recommend keeping an extra visor in your GG Helmet Bag for when it needs to be replaced.

What can I wear?

Every school and league has different rules. Most high schools only allow 100% clear visors. If you sustain a head injury of some sort, officials need to be able to see your face without having to remove your helmet. If you are unsure if your visor is allowed on the field, ask your coach, equipment manager, or ref about your visor. If you need to wear a tinted visor due to a medical reason, get a note from your doctor. 

Wearing a 100% clear visor is a best practice for players to follow. Most leagues follow this rule of thumb. Always ask your coach before wearing a colored visor on the field.

Gage Hopkins

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