SHOC Zero G Plus Visor - Transitional Friday Night Lights $93.954,00

SHOC Zero G Plus Visor - Transitional Friday Night Lights
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SHOC Zero G Plus Visor - Transitional Friday Night Lights

The SHOC Zero G Plus Visor is new and improved! Created for the unique curvature of Riddell SpeedFlex facemask, the new SHOC Zero G Plus fits better and is easier to install than ever. With a larger, oblong visor clip hole, you can now adjust the height the visor sits inside the facemask.

The Friday Night Lights Transitional Visor is a revolutionary product unlike anything on the market! The SHOC Zero G Plus Friday Night Lights Visor is the only visor that can change from light to dark. This visor can transition from clear to a dark tint in a minute! If you're looking for UV protection during bright, sunny days, this visor will start darkening instantly. This visor is perfect for daytime practice and game nights. Visor darkness may vary depending on environment's lighting. Visor may not get fully dark if in indirect sunlight or during cloudy skies. It takes up to 6-7 minutes for the dark visor to transition back to a clear visor when out of direct light. 

Love the SHOC Zero G Plus but don't have a SpeedFlex helmet? We have tested the Zero G Plus in many other helmets with various facemasks and have that with a little extra work and care not to scratch the visor, it can be installed in many other helmets. Riddell Speeds with HS4 facemasks share very similar curvatures and tend to be a good fit for the HS4 style facemasks. 

Have a Schutt F7, Vengeance, or XP helmet but love the colors of SHOC visors? Try the SHOC 1.0. While the Zero G Plus can be installed into Schutt helmets with some work, the SHOC 1.0 visors fit the Schutt helmets better than any other!

  • COMPATABILITY: Riddell SpeedFlex
  • COLORS: Clear, Clear Mirror, Smoke 40%, Clear Sunset, Clear Sky, Clear Spectrum, Glacier Spectrum, Chrome Mirror, Grape Ape, Raspberry Pink, Sapphire, Northern Lights, Golden Dragon, Ice Blue, Inferno, Tigers Blood, and more!
  • MATERIALS: Shatterproof molded polycarbonate with anti-fog, scratch-resistant and hydrophobic coatings
  • HARDWARE: Each visor comes with a pair of black SHOC Viper Quick Release clips
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: 1 Friday Night Lights SHOC Transitional Visor, soft travel bag, SHOC Viper quick release clips
  • WARRANTY: See SHOC website for details (
  • RETURN POLICY: $10 restock fee for returned visors in new condition. Used or unsellable visors are not refundable.

HS/NCAA rules state only 100% clear visors are approved for game use. When considering any other color or tint option, always check with your coach first. Many coaches allow tinted/mirrored visors to be used in practice or at tournaments. 

Visors with color may vary in appearance depending on lighting and environmental conditions. We do not guarantee exact color matches of the product in the photos in comparison to real life. 

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