My Eclipse Collection

I’ve made quite a few builds with Riddell Eclipse Collectible Helmets now. These special edition designs are so good looking on every NFL team, I can’t help wanting to work on more and more of them. 

The Eclipse series is such a great collectible to work with if you’re designing your own helmet. These helmets have sold so quickly and there’s only a few left. A new alternate collection is coming out soon to replace the Eclipse, so if you want an Eclipse, get it now.

The latest and greatest

I recently got my hands on another Eclipse and it honestly might be one of my favorite builds in this series. Man, just look at it. 

Buy it here or see the shopping list here! Click the image to watch the build.

This facemask looks so good. I’m so glad I went with white. The S2EG-TX-HS4 has a pointed shape that reminds me of the Kansas City Chiefs arrowhead logo. If you’re a fan of this build, we have one available for sale- first come, first serve! Click here to check it out or go here to see what this helmet is made of! 

Customer’s intuition

Dhruz took the Denver Broncos Eclipse and made it his own. The Montreal Blue mask with the Inferno SHOC Zero G Plus Visor needs to make it to the team. Watch the details come together.

Accessories made for the team

Some of these helmets made themselves. We have Jacksonville Jaguars Mirror Under Armour Visors and it just had to go on the Jacksonville Jaguars Eclipse. 

 I love how the visor looks with a Vegas Gold OBJ facemask. These upgrades are the stars of the headpiece, everything else works well to compliment this Jaguars look.

If it works, don’t fix it

For a few of the builds, I stuck with a tried and true formula: matching the facemask to the team’s primary color. It’s so classic and it’s an easy way to upgrade the full blackout package. 

Click on each image below if you want to see how it's made!

The best for last

I’ve created so many NFL Eclipse builds in the past year, but this Miami Dolphins design has to be my favorite! 

 We had the right stuff to make this Dolphins helmet perfect. All of the accessories go with the Dolphins’ color palette perfectly and they look great against the matte black shell. 

All good things come to an end

The Eclipse helmets aren’t going to be around for much longer. They’re so easy to upgrade with some simple swaps and by incorporating your team’s color scheme. If you’re feeling inspired by my builds, create your own before this helmet series is gone.

So the question is, which was your favorite Eclipse helmet build?

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

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