Helmet Building for Cheap

This helmet was for Brady and cost under $150. We like this look of black and green bay gold. There was a lot done to change the look of this helmet; it’s cost-effective and good-looking. Let’s walk through how it was done. 

Start 'em young

The base of this project is a Riddell Speed Victor Youth Helmet. Anybody under the age of 14 and sparring against a younger group can fit a youth helmet. The facemask Brady chose is the S2EG-LW-V Facemask in Green Bay Gold. This lightweight steel facemask is a great choice for young players in all positions. 

Lightweight is all the difference 

Due to the larger diameter of the lightweight facemask, we had to change out the regular Speed facemask clips for ones that accommodate lightweight facemasks. These Speed Facemask Clips for Lightweight Facemasks have a larger opening so the hollow facemask fits snug.

Lightweight facemasks are great for improved mobility and speed. They’re comparable to the weight and quality of titanium facemasks, but cost half the price!

Not a hard change to make

Upgrading the chinstrap from a white, softcup to a Riddell Hardcup Chinstrap that coordinates with the green bay gold details of the helmet really finishes off the look and makes the helmet look even more expensive. Pay attention to the attachment of the chinstrap to ensure it's compatible with your helmet!

Decals galore

A great bonus for all Green Gridiron customers is earning a free Chrome US Flag Decal with eligible purchases. These decals are great for a helmet, laptop, water bottle, notebook, or anything. All of our decals are the same thickness and quality as the ones worn on the field by players in the NFL and NCAA. Decals are an easy and cheap way to personalize your helmet. Brady chose to upgrade his Warning Label to one in gold. He also picked up a One Florida Decal to rep his home state.  

In this build, Brady chose a color scheme and stuck to it. This helmet turned out so good and the total price is even better. It’s incredible what you can do with just $150.

Want to see the build in action? Watch it below!

Steve Adams

Steve Adams

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