The Newest NFL Uniforms

With the NFL updating their uniform guidelines, teams now have even more creative freedom for an alternate look. Several teams already have plans for switching up their look. Let’s check out some of the new apparel.

Newest of the new

The most recent announcement was made by the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams redesigned their logo last year and are coordinating their uniform with the new helmet. Their primary uniform is royal blue; the details coordinate seamlessly with the helmet. 

It’s their away-game jerseys, however, that have undergone the most change. These jerseys have broken away from the traditional look. These alternate jerseys are similar to their old look, but include a few modifications. 

Their alternate uniform has a throwback look that encompasses their apparel from 1973-1999. The jerseys are an off-white bone color. It was a conscious choice, selected with NFL approval, to resemble a ram’s horn. The blue numbering is in a rounded font that also reflects the Rams horn design. The top has yellow sleeves with Ram horns that match back to the blue and yellow in their helmet and on their shorts. 

This color scheme was the same color palette that the team wore when they won the Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. Could this give the Rams a chance at winning this year? We should expect to see these uniforms for their first game of the season against the Bears on September 12, 2021.

Check out the promo of their uniform here!

The stars in stripes

Another team that fans are excited to see change it up is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have three options for the upcoming season that we should expect to see. They all feature their classic, tiger-striped orange helmet. There are several different jersey and shorts combinations.

The Bengals haven’t changed their look since 2004. Fans have been anticipating new uniforms for years and they finally updated them for something classic-looking, yet bold. These styles look good.

It’s been a long time coming for the Bengals to do a re-design. They nailed the look with their tiger-striped helmet, all they had to do was tie the rest of the uniform in with that recognizable design. We think this look is here to stay for the next few decades. 

Check out their promo here!

Ready for change

There are more alternate designs in the works for other teams. Some are bringing back throwback and color rush looks. The Patriots are utilizing their color rush attire for their away-game apparel. We’re excited for all of the new uniforms that teams will be coming out with in the future.

Who are you looking forward to seeing a re-design from?

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