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Bringing back old helmet artwork and applying it to modern helmets is becoming increasingly popular. Last year, the NFL announced that they broke the one-helmet rule, and teams got excited and came out with alternate helmets. You can read about the rule change here. In result, the New England Patriots brought back Pat Patriot, the New York Giants recreated their 80s look, and the Atlanta Falcons revived their red helmet. Check out what more 2022 alternate helmets here

How can I make a modern throwback concept helmet?

At Green Gridiron, we offer as many alternate helmets as we can get our hands on! Our collectible helmets are officially licensed and perfect for upgrading and displaying. The helmet models we offer range from Mini Helmets to the Riddell SpeedFlex Authentic, allowing collectibles to be accessible to every budget. You can learn about the difference between collectible helmets here. The models we carry are based on modern helmets and can be upgraded with various, compatible accessories. 

Can you make it from scratch for me?

We offer free assembly of your build when you purchase any field-use or licensed collectible helmet from us. We supply various upgrades for different types of helmets. You can swap the facemask, visor, chinstrap, and hardware on any of our licsensed collectible helmets to customize it to your vision. 

We do not offer helmet decal sets, vintage helmets and helmet components, or concept creation services. Altering an NFL or NCAA team helmet breaks our licsensing agreements with the leagues and manufacterers. We can create fully custom helmets for your brand, business, or event. Check out this post here to learn more about the custom helmet process. 

Need inspiration?

We are not allowed to recreate licsensed team helmets, but sometimes, throwback designs do not include liscened artwork. Those builds can be easier to recreate and require little work due to simple design. When the opportunity presents itself, we love bringing throwback designs to modern times. 

Check out the Cleveland Browns 75th Anniversary SpeedFlex Build!

Check out the Georgia Bulldogs 1962 Throwback SpeedFlex Build!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Marketing Manager for Green Gridiron. She leads the marketing team with her experience and education in communications and media. She enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on.

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