What Visor to Wear on the Field

At Green Gridiron, we’re in the business of making football helmets awesome.  We offer visors in various styles and colors to provide plenty of options for players and collectors. Visors are not required as part of a standard football uniform. Wearing a visor adds an extra layer of protection, preventing rouge hands or dirt from getting in your eyes. If you’re a football player and don’t know what visor is allowed, this post is for you!


What to wear?

HS/NCAA football league rules state only 100% clear visors are approved for game use. Clear visors allow paramedics to see your eyes clearly to check for a concussion if an injury happens. We cannot guarantee that your school or league allows alternate mirrored, tinted, or colored visors, so when in doubt, get it in clear!

What qualifies as clear?

A clear visor is 100% transparent. It does not distort, discolor, or block the face behind the visor and is completely see-through. Some visors, such as SHOC Zero G Plus in Clear Mirror and Oakley Legacy or Oakley Pro in PRIZM Clear are often allowed for game use because the eyes are still visible when worn. We cannot guarantee that your referee agrees, so ask your coach if you can wear a Clear Mirror or PRIZM Clear Visor. 

In some cases, there are medical reasons to wear a tinted visor. Have a medical note ready, and make sure your coach approves of the tint before taking a tinted visor on the field. Lighter tints like Smoke 40% and Smoke 60% may be preferred over something darker such as Smoke 10% or PRIZM Grey. The higher percentage the tint (EX: 40-60%) the lighter the tint and the less light is blocked from going through the visor. A 20% tinted visor will only allow 20% of the light through and appear darker than a 60% tinted visor. 

The SHOC Zero G Plus Visor in Friday Night Lights is a great option for players who want to wear a tinted visor. This visor transitions in the sunlight from clear to tint and back to clear when it gets dark outside. If you opt to wear this visor for game use, notify your coach that your visor transitions. You can learn all about Friday Night Lights here

What about other options?

We offer mirrored, colored, and tinted visors that may not be suitable for game use. These visors are more suitable for upgrading collectible helmets or adding to an old trophy or display helmet. They are often used by schools for promotional and media purposes only. 


Some leagues allow the use of alternate visors for game use, but it is not a universal rule. Your coach may allow you to wear alternate visors during practice but always ask for permission. Always, always, always ask your coach before wearing a visor that is not 100% clear!

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips is the Marketing Manager for Green Gridiron. She leads the marketing team with her experience and education in communications and media. She enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on.

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