The First Football Transition Visor

Introducing the SHOC Zero G Plus Visor in Friday Night Lights!

What’s different about it?

Friday Night Lights is the only football visor that can transition from light to dark, like a pair of glasses. Once exposed to natural light, this visor can go from completely transparent to smoked out in just 45 seconds. The tint may be darker or lighter depending on the outdoor lighting conditions, so the visor may appear lighter on a cloudy day in comparison to a bright, sunny day. When the sun is gone or the visor is indoors, it will transition back to clear in close to 5 minutes. Watch the video below to see it in action!

This visor is an incredible feat in football visory technology, being the first of its kind! 

What’s good about the SHOC Zero G Plus Visor?

This visor will only fit the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet and has quickly become the most unique visor on the market. SHOC Zero G Plus Visors are made of shatterproof, molded poly-carbonate. All SHOC Zero G Plus Visors include features such as UV protection, anti-fog coating, and scratch resistance. This gives players a distortion-free view. Look at the difference on this helmet when indoors and outside!

Can I wear it to play?

This visor is clear, but the smoke transition may not be allowed in high school, college, or other leagues. Read about visor rules here. A medic must be able to see your eyes behind a visor in the case of a head injury. Always consult your coach or equipment manager with any questions regarding visor legality and always notify your coach if you're wearing a transition visor. 

Gage Hopkins

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