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Vicis Zero2 Internal Padding

Left Stabilizer Pad
Right Stabilizer Pad
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Vicis Zero2 Internal Padding is made to fit the inside of the Vicis Zero2 Helmet. Padding is made to fit all Vicis Zero2 Helmets. Perfect for fit customization, the replacement of a missing padding piece, or the replacement of a single dirty or damaged component instead of the entire helmet. To adjust helmet fit, replace DLTA Pods or Stabilizer Pads with other sizes. Do not buy the wrong-sized helmet and replace internal padding. Reference helmet size chart below. Individual components are sold separately.

Padding comes in various sizes. Vicis DLTA Pods attach to the helmet using a notch system. Stabilizer jaw pads attach with velcro and are labeled "left" or "right". Vicis Zero2 Interior Padding is not inflatable. 


  • 0.50" DLTA Pod
  • 0.625" DLTA Pod
  • 0.75" DLTA Pod
  • 0.875" DLTA Pod
  • 1" DLTA Pod
  • 0.625" Left Stabilizer Pad
  • 0.75" Left Stabilizer Pad
  • 1.00" Left Stabilizer Pad
  • 1.25" Left Stabilizer Pad
  • 1.50" Left Stabilizer Pad
  • 0.625" Right Stabilizer Pad
  • 0.75" Right Stabilizer Pad
  • 1.00" Right Stabilizer Pad
  • 1.25" Right Stabilizer Pad 
  • 1.50" Right Stabilizer Pad