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Douglas EZ Pro Chinstrap Buckles


The Douglas EZ Pro Chinstrap Buckles are sold in packs of TWO.

Let's admit it, regular buckles can be a major pain in the you-know-what to "buckle" on your helmet. With the new Douglas EZ Pro Buckles, this is a thing of the past. Due to the difficulty of securing your chinstrap, it often results in incomplete engagement and uncertain stability and retention. Youth players are also often unsure when current buckles are actually properly engaged as a definitive “snap” is often unattainable. However, with the release button system, both Youth and Adult players can experience the ease of the EZ Pro Chinstrap Buckle! 

  • The EZ Pro Snap is designed to look and feel like a current buckle and snap for familiarity and seamless integration onto a current helmet.
  • Engage with ease and certainty allowing even youth athletes to secure their chinstrap without concern.
  • Designed to stay on your helmet unless both release buttons are pressed.
  • Made of high impact resistant and non-abrasive plastic.
  • Sold in Sets (2 Buckles, 2 Receivers, 2 T nuts).