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Las Vegas Raiders Riddell Speed Mini Helmet

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These Las Vegas Raiders Riddell Speed Mini helmets are made for the true Raiders fan!

WHAT YOU GET: Since its introduction, the Riddell Speed was a top choice for players at all levels. With never before seen aggressive lines, comfortable fit, and plethora of upgrades, the Riddell Speed remains one of the most popular helmets with players and collectors alike. At approximately 6” tall, this officially licensed miniature version display helmet is perfect for all football fans and great for autographs. This 1/2 scale version of the real thing comes with the popular S2BD-SW-SP facemask, 4-point soft chinstrap, and official paint colors and decals.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: All helmets sold by Green Gridiron receive a free 20 mil Chrome US Flag helmet decal! Made for the back of field use helmets but perfect for your car window, laptop, phone case, or any flat surface you want to represent your American pride.


  • Officially licensed Riddell Speed mini helmet
  • 1/2 Scale appx 6" tall
  • Official team paint colors and decals
  • S2BD-SW-SP facemask
  • Soft-cup chinstrap
  • Free Chrome US Flag decal

Standard Helmet Details

  • Officially Licensed Riddell Speed Mini Helmet
  • 1/2 Scale Appx 6" Tall
  • Official Team Paint Colors and Decals
  • Standard Facemask (S2BD-SW-SP or similar)
  • Soft-Cup Chinstrap

Exclusive Offer!

All helmets sold by Green Gridiron receive a FREE chrome US Flag Helmet Decal for the back of your helmet!